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Laura Hewett

Still Not At Ease

Laura’s first published work is a collection of poems written in 2020, illustrated by artist Tessa Sydnor. The collection has a wide thematic range of poems reflecting on nature, theology, and identity.

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ISBN-13 | 978-1736780701
EPUB | 9781736780718
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Rooted is an introduction to Christian theology across denominations and cultures. Following the Apostles’ Creed, it gives a short overview of seven major doctrine topics plus the Bible. Written by a high school teacher at an international school for missionary kids, this textbook has accessible language to help a wide range of readers learn what Christians believe around the world and through history. 

While so many books detail the nuances that divide, Rooted helps readers to know what the deep roots of our Christian faith are that unite us.

ISBN-13 | 978-1736780749
ISBN-10| 1736780743