Time with Dayla is always great, and as we were in the middle of taking a selfie with our handmade with love mugs tonight, we got a Cinderella style surprise delivery. Earlier today, I tried on my brand new custom fit shoes and inserts though the company rep had a few adjustments to make before I could keep them. He walked by Dayla and I mid snapshot this evening, and said he’d return shortly. Just a few minutes later, the nice man put down his Santa sized bag and pulled out my beautiful bright green shoes.

I sat excitedly in my chair as Dayla took pictures and Sebastian knelt down to put on the fabulous sneakers meant for only my feet. The sole is formed from an impression of my foot taken last week, and the shoes have hight added in the heel to improve the flexion in my knees while walking as well as slick toes to reduce drag when I move my feet forward.

What a wonderful blessing to have my own shoes and inserts to learn to walk better. I’ve been spending much more time walking with the physios, and the next step is training the nurses to walk with me. Praise God for these wonderful steps! I’m so excited that my healing has progressed so far. Please pray that my body will continue to make significant progress, particularly my digestive system.

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