Courage to Fail

Many thanks to Nigel for a beautiful and convicting message this morning. I’m still working through a lot and growing a ton as a person, but not much of it is appropriate to share publicly on the internet right now. These past eight weeks will for sure merit a minimum of two or three chapters in Maggie’s eventual biography of my life, so you have that to look forward to.

In the meantime, I’m maxed out spiritually and emotionally, so I’m just posting the latest poem I wrote a couple days ago and asking you to pray for me to live well this week caring for my body, heart, and mind holistically.

The little boy doesn’t see beyond his nerves

The little boy doesn’t know she’s nervous too

The little girl is scared to make a mistake

The little girl is unaware her mom makes mistakes too

The student sees all his peers accelerate

The student fears he’s falling behind

The scholar doesn’t know she’s on the cusp of a breakthrough

The scholar doesn’t feel enough confidence to test her limits

The father is terrified to hold his newborn baby

The father cannot see his wife is scared too

The aunt worries she’ll disappoint her nephews

The aunt laments they may never be proud of her

The grandpa doesn’t want his children to notice his decline

The grandpa doesn’t want to ask anyone for help

The grandmother struggles to keep up with her duties

The grandmother fears losing her independence

The little boy asks the girl to dance

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