Home Stretch

“Home” is a weird word for an expat, but it’s also an important concept. I’ve been reading a book about transition for students as well as a book about a young person who grew up in Oregon (and had a spinal cord injury, but that’s irrelevant to this post). The “home stretch” is a phrase about reaching the last bit of something. Right now, post spring break, my school year is in the home stretch as I fight to keep my students engaged in the last few weeks of lessons. No, we can’t just watch movies until graduation; I have course objectives and important content left to cover.

These past two weeks after break have been filled with lots of tasks, and I skipped posting last week as I enjoyed some time with friends in my margin between tasks. I have had a lot of good connection points in the past two weeks, but I’ve also had a lot of hard work to do. Anja made me get on the floor and work my hip flexors and glutes, and I’ve been feeling it for days. Actually, she’s intentionally been working on helping the muscles that I have felt pain in for the past few weeks. My goal is increased mobility, and Anja is not going to let me give up in the midst of my work and life being busy.

My body is hard to care for, and my bladder has decided this is the week to act up – which honestly is beautiful timing because my botox is scheduled for Tuesday morning this week. I was laughing with a friend yesterday about “worst case scenario” situations related to my nerve damaged bladder, and it is just that I pee my pants. Fortunately, I’ve done that loads of places, and it’s not as embarrassing for me as it used to be. Nerve damage sucks enough on its own; I have no time to waste being embarrassed about the nerve damage.

As I enter into this home stretch and try to engage well with students in this current home they are in, I want to be fully present. I still have several weeks before summer break and all that entails, and as I was reflecting with a member care person today, I want to be fully present here in these last weeks with this group of students. These kids deserve my full attention as I work to point them to Jesus.

While this school year may be in the final stretch, plenty of other things are not. I have my whole life ahead of me to deal with this bladder issue, and I would love your prayers for the procedure on Tuesday. I love the fantastic nap I get out of it, but I don’t love the poking and prodding involved in advance of letting me sleep. It’s rather unpleasant. I also don’t love the pain currently in my back that Anja and I are working through. Please pray for my body to respond to the exercises and physio treatments quickly. Hey, while we’re at it, let’s keep praying for everything. What a pleasant surprise it would be to realise this was the home stretch of my current disability.

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