Laura and the Apocalypse

Hot take: the most underrated film of the century is Anna and the Apocalypse. Hear me out because there is an almost guaranteed chance you have never seen or even heard of this incredible movie. It has every element I love in my entertainment: Christmas YA zombie musical.

Maybe no one loves those elements as much as I do – especially combined, but sit tight and listen to my lessons from this cinematic gem. Fair warning: this is a zombie apocalypse movie with teenagers, so there is gore and language in some of the clips.

“Human voice”

This past week with Rich and Carol has been almost entirely unplugged from my devices and communication with people not face to face. I’ve been fully present in conversations with two of my favorite people. My people. The ones who just let me be, who let me laugh, who let me question, and who let me sleep in until eleven. I’m incredibly grateful for the friends I have all over the world, and I certainly would never give up the gift of connection with friends like Liz who is always up for zombie movies but lives in New Zealand and Shannon who is always up for YA musicals but lives in Texas. There’s a balance in connecting with technology, and this week is a necessary reset to evaluate my relationship with notifications and the boundaries I have in my relationships with others.

“Hollywood Ending”

I have a weird life. Maggie might make that the title of my future biography – side note, what a gem that precious child is taking over last week writing a guest post to give me a genuine break. But seriously, I’ve been through some wild stuff in the past seven years. This isn’t Disney; I’m a total miracle, but it’s not the plot any human would write. I’m living in the truth that I’m loved by the Author of my life. This is not the story you’ve been dreaming of: it’s even better than the books and movies. My story isn’t over, and I’m asking you to pray with me the same thing I have been from day one: that God would be glorified. Oh, and it’d be nice if I could walk again too.

“Break Away”

I’m letting the Lord write my story, so there is a bit of a different message here, but it does break away from expectations the world puts on ordinary girls from west coast suburbs. There’s a world out there that I’ve learned about by visiting and listening, and there is a whole lot more for me to understand. I won’t keep myself content with what I have when I know there are those who I can bless if I use my gifts intentionally. I don’t want to live selfishly and turned inward and away from the world in need. I want to break away from complacency and engage in honoring God with all of my life and body.

“Turning My Life Around”

This beautiful story of my life has an upward trajectory. This new morning is different, and I’m ready for what’s next. We have all had a wild 2020, so it’s time to put this year behind us and build something new and beautiful. I’m ready – just like Maggie. I’ve got so much more to give. I’ve been told limits that I never believed, and I’ve watched the Lord do incredible things with my life despite all kinds of expected limitations. What a time to be alive.

“What a Time to Be Alive”

Really though. It’s a gift, and praise God for the chance I have to live and love and share God’s love with others. I’m so excited for what God has done and is doing in my life. 2020 is wrapping up, but my life is ramping up, and I’m asking for new prayers as I enter in to year seven post accident. More Jesus, less wheelchair; more love, less judgy-pants; more miracles, less lethargy. Pray with me for blessings to be a blessing, for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around me, and for the grace to be a faithful witness to the goodness of God in my life.

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