Love and Dust

I spent a lot of time staring at the stars in the night sky several nights this week, and I felt a lot of feelings – which most people know I find difficult and overwhelming. In light of that (in spite of that?), I asked a few friends, and they encouraged me to try something different than a normal post this week.

[To be read aloud on a warm summer evening or a cold winter morning depending on your hemisphere when late June finds you.]

In the beginning there was chaos – until Love spoke light into darkness, separating the waters above from the waters below

And the chaos moved into order

The patterns appeared with complexity and color

Hurt cracked the surface in the harsh sunlight, but the stars sent dust across the crust

Love breathes the dust; dust breathes the love

Science says we’re but dust; poetry says we’re but love

Truth stitches the two together

Lies rip relationships apart: disorder

Good News recognizes the reality of the brokenness and enters in: reorder can begin

In the middle there is a mess – until Love speaks again, incarnating life among the dust

And dust remembered life comes with love

The wounds don’t disappear, but they begin to heal

Night and Dawn come before Day, The Accident

Writers will ponder the words One Generation After

Other voices will listen but not always hear correctly

Someone will twist the truth, but more will hear The Message:

In the end there will be reconciliation – when Love restores and rewards ‘according to its kind’

And dry bones will be revived listening to their first Love

Scars will remain to tell the story of redemption

They will tell this story: All shall be well, all shall be well, and in all manner of thing, all shall be well

Hope will pair with Love when the healing comes, but it will never be forced

Will you speak or will you hear:

‘Thy will be done’

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