Made For

The Lord made you to run and rage

Your passions are unique to you

Don’t let anyone condemn your age

You are among the chosen few

The Lord made you to invite more in

There’s a course you chart in healing

Fight this battle and know you’ll win

Sing the bridge once more with feeling

I had some great moments this week: some quality conversations amid upsetting emails. I have a weird life. A wild life, as Shannon would prefer I say. I’m also convinced I’m made for this moment of weird – excuse me, wildness.

Lauren and Emily came over to have some deep chats and good company this week, and I was reminded that I’m placed in this community for a reason. I need to constantly keep my eyes on Jesus to remember that though. Just like Peter started to sink when he looked at the waves around him, I would not make it far in my calling if I was thinking this was to be done in my own strength. Lauren also commented that perhaps the good work the Lord has called me to do is already well underway just in places and hearts that I cannot see. And maybe I’ll never see the fruit of my labors here.

Plenty of things don’t need to be posted on the internet, but I can celebrate the good things that my friends affirmed in me amid my current struggles. I’m here in Kandern on purpose, and God is still working miracles in my heart and body.

I’m also happy to celebrate the return of blue skies and the ability to sit outside and enjoy the company of my neighbors while soaking up the vitamin D. Yesterday I inadvertently had a screen free day as I sat outside for my late morning coffee and stayed for hours while my other neighbors came and went about their days. I spent a while more this morning doing the same, and pretty soon I’ll return to read a bit more outside before the sun sinks below the tree line in another couple hours.

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