Not Done Yet

I leave Kandern four weeks from this past Friday. We are into weeks now, the months counter is past. I have a life left here, though, and I had the joy of spending time with people new and old through this week that matter to me. Actually, a few weeks ago I had the chance to spend time with a woman who moved to Kandern a year ago, and she made a comment about being grateful that I’d still be willing to spend time with her when I was on my way out of Kandern. Her comment hit me pretty hard because while I don’t have the emotional capacity to dive deep with brand new people, I never want to be someone who would turn down a tea date or dinner with someone because I’m leaving.

Tonight I had the joy of having dinner at the home of a family who moved to Kandern this past year and had a son in my class last semester. I’d not spent time with his parents or siblings before, but I was so honoured that they’d open their home to host me for a meal and games and let me listen to their talented musician children play the piano. As much as I would contentedly live in a cave and read books forever, I also recognise the value of these human people in the community around me. I would be missing out on some incredible conversations if I decided too early to cut off people before leaving. God placed me here until mid August, and I’m doing my best to be fully present every day.

Fully present does involve a lot of naps, and I have no shame about that. I am working that balance of resting and being present here. Matt asked me about that rest element, and I named naps as the top of my list of restful activities. I also managed to read five books this week which is another important rest element from me. A third valuable rest thing? Not stressing too much over my weekly blog posts. So this week didn’t have any wild adventures or miraculous insights. Wednesday I’ll head out on a fun final road trip, so next week’s post will have shenanigans with some of my favourite women as we drive to Poland to pick up some pottery.

Until then, I’ll leave you with this lovely Superchick 2000s hit while I live my best life soaking up the last weeks I’m not done living in Europe.

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