Ordinary Time

I didn’t grow up familiar with the liturgical church calendar, but today is the last Sunday of “Ordinary Time.” Next Sunday begins Advent, the season of the church calendar when we celebrate the arrival of Jesus as a human baby. This past week felt rather ordinary in many ways, but I also recognize that my life is far, far from ordinary in almost every way.

I still have this concern on my foot – that’s not ordinary. But I am doing my best to still get out of bed and care for my body daily.

I still use a wheelchair – that’s not ordinary either. But I know that it gives me ability and access to places that paralysis tries to rob me of.

I still teach my lessons every day – let me tell you the church projects they turned in this week are anything but ordinary. But I laughed so hard, and I’ll keep doing this project as long as I teach this class.

Even though I wish that I could see magnificent gains daily in my physical and overall health, I have to carry through the “ordinary times” doing the best I can knowing that it is the long haul that produces progress eventually. See, during physio this week, Anja had me doing some exercises to work my core to improve my stability and strengthen my abdominal muscles. I remember doing similar exercises with Alex in the REHAB shortly after my accident. Well, more accurately, I remember not being able to do what Alex asked me to try. When Anja asked me on Wednesday, I was doubtful I’d do well, but I had to take a moment to celebrate that I could do it at all.

I’m just under two months from the 8 year anniversary of breaking my back. My life is far from ordinary, but I’m developing routines of care that adjust for my fatigue and nerve damage and constantly fluctuating abilities. Even though it’s ordinary time, I’m still asking for miracles.

Advent is the celebration of a miracle by the God who works miracles. I’m on the wild side for still believing that it’s possible, but I would love for you to join with me again in praying for everything. Let’s not settle for spasms quieting; let’s beg God for me to dance in the rain again.

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