I worried for a bit about what I would put in this week’s update, but then I remembered Shannon told me that I’m only supposed to take twenty minutes a week to write them when I’m on sabbatical, so I had to stop worrying and type something quickly.

Honestly, though, I didn’t have much in the way of major physical jumps after last week’s huge celebration. I did, however, have loads of people rejoice with me through last week as I shared what I’d done or they commented on having heard my latest accomplishment. Thanks to everyone who reached out to encourage me! I went back to the gym three more times last week, persisting in the boring work of that tough routine because I know it is the best route to my next great success.

Along with the hard labor of persisting with physical tasks, I did a lot of reading, prepped and delivered a youth group talk, and avoided a mental breakdown. It occurred to me on Friday that I’m really into the weeks left rather than months here in Christchurch, and I still don’t know my route home to Germany. I’ve got about twelve weeks until my visa in New Zealand expires, and I have those two golden weeks between when I need to leave here and before I can legally move back to Germany.

I know my tickets won’t magically appear, and there are a lot of details I need to sort out, but at the same time, I don’t want to live these next twelve weeks so caught up on leaving that I miss out on the experiences available here. I have to persist through the planning while simultaneously making the most of my expat experience that allowed me to be in this incredible, loving church community near an awesome physio.

I’m not done here yet, and I’d love your prayers that I’d continue to persist through these coming weeks to see even more incredible outcomes before leaving. You know, like I first asked five years ago, it’d be nice if I could walk again, but please don’t forget that the most important thing to me is that God is glorified through my story. If people just see me, they miss the point. I’ve been gifted with a beautiful opportunity to live a beautiful life that points to my Beautiful Creator.

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