“When do you go back to school?” Lots of people have asked me over the past few days, and the number of summer nights is shrinking quickly.

Students come back the last couple days of August, but teacher meetings start for me tomorrow. I’ve met a couple of the new staff who have been doing half day orientation this past week, and I’ve got my ID badge for the new year ready to go in the morning.

I had high hopes of long walks every day this week, but Monday night my body changed the plans as unexpected sickness surprised me and robbed me of my entire Tuesday. Don’t worry, I still worked hard and enjoyed my last week of summer. I sat by the river yesterday praying for the students who’ve left my class and the students who will come into it this year, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the lazy river during my pause from walking. I’ve got a pretty wonderful life here in Germany, and I never want to take that for granted.

I also never want to be complacent with the ability level I’m at, and I want to keep working hard to re-start that nerve work and muscle growth amid the school restart. This coming week will have lots of meetings and meeting new people which is likely to fatigue me fast, so I have to be extra conscious of the life giving activities in my routine. Today that means baking with BFA alumni, and I’ve also been invited to a couple birthday celebrations for two of the small people who live in my building. They are pretty cute and pretty life giving and pretty excited about the prospect of baking happening in my kitchen soon.

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