Rise Up

This past week I was fighting off a nasty cough, and I had a rough time getting through some of my lessons. The loss of my voice and fatigue from shouting at rowdy students was disheartening, but I also had some really beautiful moments in conversation with people who love Jesus and love me. I’m encouraged to carry on with the work God has set out before me, and despite students who are rude and disruptive, these are also kids who want to learn; it’s my job to teach all of them to the best of my ability whatever behaviour they bring to class. It’s a challenge for me to rise up and innovate how I present my content, and I hope that I honour God in the way that I do that this week.

Today in church, our congregation sent out one of our members who will be getting on a plane to move to Ireland tonight. We prayed for her and celebrated all the good she’s done in her five years at ACB. I have been particularly praying for our congregation since knowing Miranda was leaving that God would raise up new people to take her place in various ministries. I was talking to another church member about how God moves people around and prepares them for major moves. Miranda knew this was coming, and she was eager to obey God’s prompting.

As I light my advent wreath tonight, I’ll be listening for what God is prompting me into. I hope you’ll take the same opportunity to reflect today on what role or service you could step into that God has prepared in advance for you to do.

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