Something New

Shannon and I were talking this week about how I’ve had access to Disney + for weeks now but have yet to watch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. I told her I OD’d on HSM back when she and I made Teresa watch all three movies in one sitting.

“That was a decade ago!” Shannon insisted it was time to watch the series because it’s all new plot and characters. She texted Teresa for support, but, obviously, Teresa sided with me because we seriously traumatized her with that first exposure. However, my life is loaded with HSM inside jokes and references from the heyday of the movies when all my youth group kids were super into it. And Shannon and John and I snuck into the church to watch the second one on the projector in the sanctuary so I could dance along on stage with Troy Bolton as he sings about his feelings in a random golf course.

Anyone ready to dance out their feelings? Bet on me.

Because we’re all in this together, and now that the whole world has had at least two weeks of quarantine, it seems like we’re into a new routine that shouldn’t be a thing. I’m breaking free to tell you about the start of something new. Okay, not literally breaking free, more like breaking the status quo as I’ve got my head in the game for this quarantine.

For those of you not following, let me put it clearly. I don’t dance, but I did record a TikTok dance with Lizi because I’m fabulous. I’ve come a long way in my recovery to be able to stand in front of my window and mostly keep my balance while rocking out for twenty seconds before doubling over in laughter. I’ve also broken up the monotony by listening to a variety of podcasts while I get on my treadmill everyday and up my maximum. I moved from 21 minutes to 24 at a 2km pace by the end of this week. I can walk .8 kilometers without stopping. Then, nice and sweaty, I usually go sit myself outside and cool off in the spring sunshine.

I’ve gained a lot in recovery the past six years, but I want it all.

Today is the day in the western Christian calendar when we celebrate the resurrection. It’s a pivotal moment in history that theologically affirms the goodness of the body (take that, Gnostics), so I’m going to celebrate the body I have and keep persisting in asking God for more nerve recovery while simultaneously working hard with the function that I have to facilitate more improvements. While I didn’t make it to a sunrise service anywhere, I did stay up til midnight to stream the RCC livestream and then got myself out of bed in time to join the ACB zoom service. In about an hour, I’ll tune in to The Embassy’s YouTube channel. This Easter looks different than any other, but so did last year to me. Next year will be another one full of newness and excitement.

In my faith tradition, death leads to resurrection. It’s a through point not a final stop. There’s newness in every sunrise, and while I still needed braces and my wheelchair today, I’ll keep anticipating the complete restoration and newness in my own body. Join with me in prayer as each day I expect something new. Why not?

I only managed to get nine song titles in this hide and seek, and there’s no prize for finding them all. The real prize will be when I finally can dance without mobility aids and reenact Troy’s hallway dance at BFA. Remember, miracles can happen, so pray for me everyday.

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