Tapped Out

Slowing down isn’t necessarily a step back. I need that reminder today. I haven’t walked much for a couple of weeks because I’m keeping an eye on the bottom of my right foot. I might be on the verge of victory here, but I don’t want to be presumptuous and inflame a pressure sore instead of coax in a necessary callous.

This week was full and busy for me, but I didn’t spend any time on the treadmill, and I didn’t finish grading my students’ tests from this Thursday.

Sadly, it left me with little to blog about. I don’t have physical gains to report – I have regression by some counts. That doesn’t mean I’m defeated or down for the count. I’m still working hard to teach my lessons, love my students, care for my peers, and also remember I’m a valuable human too.

I also had a lot of really beautiful and positive connections with people I love. TBH, those don’t belong on the internet because they are treasures for my heart that don’t need to be scattered. Just because I don’t have a lot of things to write about doesn’t mean I don’t crave your prayers though.

With the beautiful changing colors in the forest, I have more leg cramps and more work to stay on top of caring for myself physically. I also have thirty-six incredible, lovely, tired, antsy students who I have to do my best to teach. Please pray for me to be responsible with my grading, lesson planning, and student engagement. Please pray for me to see new positive physical progress to document and share here next week. Please pray for me to come back full and with content that can encourage readers and glorify the Lord.

Please also remember to thank God that I made it to today when there were a lot of obstacles in my way.

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