The Best Stuff

I had a really full week with lots of meetings and emails that I can’t share on the internet, but one of the moments that I can share was a highlight for sure.

I was going around the library checking with my students on their project progress, and one student told me she had a question that wasn’t about the project, but it was about the Bible. I immediately got excited because one of her dorm sisters had started a conversation with me during access the same way that led me down this amazing research path discovering translation nuances in Jeremiah. Both of these students are native Chinese speakers, and they are reading Jeremiah together as a devotional.

I write about a lot of different stuff that happens in my life, but the absolute best moments, the thing that energises me beyond anything else, is when young people come talk to me about how the Bible is changing their life. I light up when a student says, “I have a question about the Bible.” When explaining my job to someone new at church this morning she commented, “You must get a lot of tough questions.” I invite them and I thrive on them, I told her.

While I could rant about the temperature dip and the snow flurries outside triggering my leg spasms, I’m going to just celebrate those positive moments this week. I have a lot of things to be thankful for, and while I may not yet be able to dance in the rain, I can watch Julia’s story where she danced in the rain for me this week. I’ve got a busy week ahead with several more meetings and emails, but it’ll also have more of the Bible stuff. I look forward to watching my students get excited as we talk about how we can read the Bible carefully and see real life change.

Oh, and among the best stuff this week: extra tulips – because I can never have enough.

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