I had an out yesterday. A genuine and honest out for the first time in over nine months. A chance to give up on someone the Lord told me to pray for.

I turned it down.

Maggie may or may not include the details in my eventual biography, but they don’t matter here. I’m focusing on the transformation Jesus has made in my life this past year.

A year ago, I would have written this person off without a second thought, but the Lord has convicted me that everyone is worth a second thought, and I should never be quick to discard or discount anyone. No one is above repentance.

I repented of my dismissive attitude a year ago. I repented of my judgmental thoughts, my rude comments, and my salty behavior. I’m still in process, and I’m still not perfect, but I’ve made noticeable progress in becoming more like Jesus.

Last night, BFA held their annual staff appreciation dealio, and there was a new segment honoring staff members nominated by peers for exemplifying our core values in their lives. As I listened to the description of the second member selected for “transformation” I thought to myself how some of those phrases were exactly how I hoped to be described – particularly as someone who points others to Jesus. I honestly can’t express how much it meant when I was identified as that person. I’m so incredibly grateful that my transformation to become more like Jesus was evident enough in my life that at least two of my friends nominated me and I was selected by the school leadership for that honor.

I’m so much closer to Jesus than I was last year, and I loved Jesus a lot then. I see now though that in my growth I’m not burdened by praying for others; I’m blessed with responsibility. The Lord chose me because I wouldn’t give up. Sure there were some really rough days where I just wanted to sleep, but now I genuinely want to see deep emotional healing in the life of a precious human person made in the image of God.

The healing that I’ve experienced I want to share with others. I’m gifted with the role of prayer warrior to fight through decades of pain to be an agent of healing in the world.

Arohanui mai, arohanui atu.

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