I told Anja my legs and glutes were tight from upping my exercise this past week, and she had me lay down on my back on the physio table. I couldn’t feel what she did, but after about thirty seconds, she asked, “Is the right leg tighter than the left?”

“How did you know?” I mean… she’s good at her job, okay.

But then she came and stood on my left side and prodded a bit on under near my spine and asked a confirmation that my left side was more tight as well – checks out because that’s the side that operates with the right leg. Then she stands behind my head and cradles it for two seconds before finding a knot in my neck and saying, “This is where you’re holding the tension from that.”

This woman is incredible.

So then she spends and hour working mostly on my abdomen before telling me to sit up. I felt so much looser in my hips when I held my spine upright. It was even more noticeable walking out the door. I’m amazed at Anja’s training and talent on a regular basis. She knows anatomy and muscles and nerves and works to advance the health of my whole body every visit when I give her a complaint about a single sore spot.

I spent a lot of this week thinking about how I value connections – how I know the importance of taking care of my mental health, emotional/spiritual health, family life, and physical body to support my whole self according to the te whara tapa wha; how I understand my need for people of all kinds in my life and seek out ways to maintain diverse friendships; how I read Scripture and apply it to my life. I know all of the choices I make have ripple effects and impact others. I am learning to be even more intentional with how and what I say in order to communicate more effectively and to love others better. Sometimes I feel frustrated with how little is within my control, but when I zoom out and think about the widening affect my actions can have, I realize that I do make a difference. I can make the world a better place.

I chose to not write angry emails to my insurance about the wheelchair issue but instead have found the advocacy of my agency. The kind TeachBeyond employee has connected with his contact at Cigna for the insurance company to review (and here’s hoping quickly fix) their error. I’m now waiting until late next week for the next update.

While it’s frustrating to have it delayed again and again, I still am looking for how I can live well. In that angry post from a couple of weeks ago, I tried to channel my anger into encouraging others to make less sloppy mistakes. I’ve still got a few weeks before meetings start for school, but I have some important things I can take ownership of in the meantime. Answering emails, textbook revisions, and reading Greek classics. Okay, the last one might just be me doing it for fun, but I can also see value in it shaping me as a person.

I’m still asking for prayers from anyone connected to me in any way – please ask God to resolve this wheelchair bill quickly, but let’s not also forget that I want to walk again too. I’m working hard, sweating on the treadmill each day, but I’m also still asking for everything. It’s all connected anyways.

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