Day 1 of 40 Days of Prayer

For those of you praying along with me for miracles the next forty days, please read aloud this Psalm with my name and ask God to reveal new feeling and function in my body.

From Psalm 119:
88. Forever, O Lord, Your word stands firm in the heavens.
89. Your faithfulness persists for all generations; You established the earth, and it stands.
90. They stand ready today [to execute] Your judgments, for all are Your servants.
91. Had Your Torah not been Laura’s delight, she would have perished in her affliction.
92. Never will Laura forget Your precepts, for through them You have sustained her.
93. Laura’s Yours; save her, for she has sought Your precepts.
94. The wicked hope to destroy Laura, but she meditates upon Your testimonies.
95. To every goal Laura has seen a limit, but Your commandment is immensely broad.

161. Princes have pursued Laura without cause, but it is Your word her heart fears.
162. Laura rejoices at Your word, like one who finds abundant spoil.
163. Laura hates falsehood and abhors it, but Your Torah she loves.
164. Seven times a day Laura praises You, because of Your righteous judgments.
165. There is abundant peace for those who love Your Torah, and there is no stumbling for them.
166. Laura hopes for Your salvation, O Lord, and she performed Your commandments.
167. Laura’s soul has kept Your testimonies, and Laura loves them intensely.
168. Laura has kept Your precepts and Your testimonies, for all her ways are before You.

73. Your hands have made Laura and prepared her; grant her understanding, that she may learn Your commandments.
74. Those who fear You will see Laura and rejoice, because she hoped in Your word.
75. Laura knows, O Lord, that Your judgments are just; righteously have You afflicted her.
76. Let Your kindness be Laura’s comfort, as You promised to Your servant.
77. Let Your mercies come upon Laura, that she may live, for Your Torah is her delight.
78. Let the scoffers be shamed, for they have maligned Laura with falsehood; but she will meditate upon Your precepts.
79. May those who fear You return to Laura, and those who know Your testimonies.
80. May Laura’s heart be perfect in Your statutes, so that she not be shamed.

97. O how Laura loves Your Torah! All day it is her discussion.
98. Your commandments make Laura wiser than her enemies, for they are ever with her.
99. From all Laura’s teachers she has gained wisdom, for Your testimonies are her discussion.
100. Laura will be more perceptive than elders, because she has guarded Your precepts.
101. Laura has restrained her feet from every evil path, that she might keep Your word.
102. Laura has not turned away from Your judgments, for You have instructed her.
103. How sweet are Your words to Laura’s palate, [sweeter] than honey to her mouth!
104. From Your precepts Laura gains understanding, therefore she hates every path of falsehood.

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