Thank you so much for everyone who prayed for me to sleep last week. And extra thanks to those who sent a couple helpful suggestions to keep from melting and try to sleep better. There was some improvement though record temperatures across Germany seemed to be working against me.

Unwilling to let the weather ruin my week entirely, I called up my friends down the road and asked if they’d walk with me after the sun dipped low enough to keep me from frying. On Wednesday, Michele and I took off from my house with no braces and tested out how far I could walk in the still sweltering, sticky heat. I managed from my door to the end of the recyclinghof – which isn’t the farthest I have made it, but under the conditions I was presented with, I was quite excited. Thursday was even hotter, and I still pushed myself to go for a walk though I didn’t make it quite as far. My energy was pretty sapped on Friday, but Saturday afternoon didn’t get nearly as warm, so I managed my loop along the river and rested the remainder of the day during the pause from when the heavens broke open and the thunderstorm cooled off the region.

Today was humid and rainy, so I couldn’t manage an outdoor walk, but I did a flight of stairs to the Bryans to enjoy a game and a movie – Incredibles 2 (but no tacos).

My parents discovered my superpower when I was two and yanked off a cast from my broken finger – I’m incredibly stubborn. The stubbornness has only grown stronger, and I’m considerably better at harnessing this super power in my adulthood. The forecast for this next week is considerably more tolerable, so I plan to push my body more and discover new abilities in my remaining weeks of summer break.

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