Not Today, Satan

You know how I said last week was rough? Well, I got sick this week, and it’s still been rough. Don’t worry, I already use essential oils, over the counter meds, and expert medical advice, so be aware I’m not soliciting any new forms of treatment. I bring up the sickness only because it overlaid the hard work I put in this week.

Having been so brought down, I knew I wasn’t going to be breaking any records, but I didn’t want all my hard work to dissipate. Tuesday evening, after the up and down to the Bryans for the all important weekly tacos, I went for a short walk with my friend Michele. She was patient enough with me not being able to make it far, and we had a great chat in the distance from my house to school and back.

Wednesday I made it to my first physio appointment and recounted with Anja what I’ve been doing for the past year. I know she wants to get to work on my ankles and see all that I’ve done improve by being done barefoot next. Unfortunately, with the stress and spasms of the last month, all we managed was standing barefoot this week. Honestly, it’s still a success, and Anja and I are excited for new stuff next week.

There were so many other great points of light in my week – like when my AP English students got so excited about discussion W. H. Auden’s “1 September, 1939” that we took an entire extra day to talk about it and they opted to do essay revisions at home instead of in class. The poem has a hopeful note as the author encourages “the just” to be points of light at the close of a dark, dishonest decade. My dark week had some coughs and aches and sneezes and trials I could complain about, but I’m going to choose to cling to and celebrate the bright spots where friends who heard my hard times joined with me to say, “Not today, Satan!” Thanks especially to Shirley who started it, but I’ve kept it going with lots of other people this week.

I was prayed over by some wonderful people through this week, and I won’t stop asking for more. I’d love to see my body back to full health this week, so please join with me in begging God for that. I also want to be attentive to be a good teacher – engaging students in thoughtful and intentional conversations. I’ve got more fun in my lesson plans this week as Bible students research controversial topics and AP English students read about the same in The Poisonwood Bible. I love my job. Please pray that I keep doing it well.

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