I had a rough week. It feels like a month has passed since this morning and a year since last Sunday. I’m allowed to say that because I have an incredible support system scattered across the globe who loves me and prays for me.

I also have this incredible job where I get to engage excited teenagers about interesting theological ideas and encourage them to think honestly about their faith and respectfully engage with those who disagree. I also get to be involved in thought provoking conversations with my peers. I even have the privilege of ongoing conversations with alumni who are growing as independent thinkers who want to be more Jesus loving in their interactions. I absolutely love all of that, and I had a ton of those kind of positive interactions this week.

I also had my botox injections.

I also had my Jahreskontrolle.

There were also great moments in both of those appointments – the nurses prepping me for the botox joked with me about how this was my favorite nap of the year, and the doctor who’s met with me the past five years for the Jahreskontrolle asked me to celebrate my incredible progress with a medical student. He straight up said it was a miracle. I still need to catheterize daily, and I still need a wheelchair most of the time.

There’s tension in those truths, and good things don’t make my struggles disappear.

However, I won’t give up.

Five and a half years ago I was told I’d never walk again. I’m walking more month by month. I was told no new function would return two years post accident, and I’ve continued to see ongoing improvements even to this past summer. My story isn’t over, but significantly, I’m not writing it on my own. I need a lot of support. God has given me far more than I can handle, and I’m calling out to my prayer team to send me encouragements and ask God for new strength and healing. I believe in a God of miracles.

The physical struggles of this week have connected implications in my holistic health, and my stress levels have been high. It’s a vicious cycle that I’m trying to break free from this week so that I can continue to bring joy into my classroom and all my interactions with students, staff, and others in my community.

Last week was rough, but my overall progress is still aimed towards being more like Jesus. My trajectory is unchanged despite some setbacks in my holistic health this week. Please pray for me to return to full strength in every area of my life to represent Jesus better day by day.

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