Of Blisters, Bad Weather, & Bible Stories

There’s always reason not to get up and walk – paralysis being at the top of the list for me. I obviously want to keep improving though, and I’ll look for ways to practice what my physios tell me, but external forces can limit me. Like that blister on my foot that is my internal fluids looking for an external position. The weather is also an inhibitor of my walking. This week, both of those ganged up on me and kept me mostly in a chair with my foot elevated as I spent loads of time reading. 

I’m hoping to hit my Goodreads goal of 52 books by the end of the year, but I might be cutting it close after so many months of traveling and no reading during July and August. I put in a lot of hours to catch up this week as I took it easy on my foot. I read some really great books while I also watched the rain come down in this unusually wet “summer” in Christchurch. I’m also spending a lot of time reading my Bible because I agreed to this crazy pace read through with three of my most amazing* students who are spending their winter reading an average of 20 chapters a day to finish the whole Bible in just over two months. 

One of the kids was super excited to hit Samuel and Kings recently because he loves reading all the David stories. I’m personally partial to the prophets. We cruised through Chronicles in this week, and I was, as usual, super pumped to read Elisha’s stories. Have you ever noticed how many of them are paralleled in the Gospels? It’s so great. I was yet again struck by the poetic beauty of the Old Testament narrative that tells us about a God who interacted with the people of Israel and surrounding nations to care for their best interests. He wasn’t manipulating every detail, but he also stepped in to work miracles in the lives of the oppressed.

I’m still so grateful for the miracles in my life. I’m happy to report that my blister is making great progress, and the weather has was actually sunny this afternoon. There are beautiful things to celebrate about the God who is still involved in my life today. 

In praying for me this week, please praise God for the progress I have, and keep asking for more. I still want it all. If you think of it, pray that my students and I keep up with this awesome reading program and discover more of the amazing God who entered into history to have a personal relationship with us.

*My students are amazing. Objectively. I’m also willing to admit bias in saying they are the best, so I will also offer the caveat to say that two of these most wonderful students did also give me evidence of great stupidity in their behavior this week. Nobody’s perfect, but I still love them unconditionally.

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