The Price of Adventure

I never wanted to leave Oregon; ask anyone who knew me there. I was the least likely to move away, and yet, at this point it doesn’t look like I’ll ever live there again. My life has taken a turn for the awesome, and I have no regrets. I chose to live dependent on Jesus, and he took me first to Germany, then to a Swiss hospital, and now for a stay in a tiny island paradise in the South Pacific. 

The Kiwis have continued to be incredibly kind to me, and I’m so grateful for their hospitality and ongoing willingness to include me in whatever possible. Recently, Liz took me out on an excursion to Governor’s Bay just to see someplace new and have a coffee. The steep hill and short steps into the chocolate shop weren’t going to stop me, and Liz was ready to help make sure I made it. 

This past weekend, another friend was determined to let me see as much of New Zealand as we could cram into two days. Saturday morning we headed out across the country (which is only a three hour drive with no breaks). Jenny knows all the good tourist places to stop, and she wasn’t going to let a wheelchair be a barrier for me to enjoy the countryside. I can’t even begin to tell all of the things we saw in two days, but it was an incredible weekend. I was struck over and over by the breathtaking, dramatic scenery, and I couldn’t help but think about how I was only able to enjoy all of it because of my disability. I’d never have made it to New Zealand if I wasn’t first turned down by the dozens and dozens of places I inquired at all over the world before I was connected with the pastors at RCC. I’m incredibly thankful for the chance I have to see so much of the world despite the lack of adventurous desire I had growing up. Now, I refuse to let my disability limit me from discovering new places and spending time with people.

I’ve still got limitations, however, and my body reminded me this morning as I noticed a large blister on the bottom of my foot. I’m guessing it was a week of wearing my flash new sneakers and tramping across the country quite a bit, and I’ll take good care of it and certainly see it disappear sooner than that one on my toe last winter. Never one to focus on the negative, I’d love you to celebrate with me the beauty I can still enjoy in the world while still asking God to help my body to heal quickly so I can keep up with my recovery. 

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